The start of many thing's to come...

Basically decided to create this blog to keep a record of all my University work neatly and tidily in one place! Currently studying at Staffordshire University (Stafford Campus) doing a Computer Games Design Degree! So this blog will mainly consist of many 3D artwork and maybe some of my programming work from previous years.

Feel free to comment or suggest anything and be honest. Bad feedback is better than no feedback!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Low Poly Character

So today's task was to start modelling a Low poly character in a cartoon style that I could eventually rig and test out in Unity which is the engine were going to be using for our side scrolling game.

My Method was to start with a box for the body 2x2x2 segments and to use extrude to for the body and arms.  I then used extrude and bevel to creates the legs and shoes.

To model the head I again started with a box and put Turbosmooth on with 1 iteration.  This method is far better than using a sphere as spheres cause nasty triangles where as rounding out a box gives the head a much nicer set of quads.


So I have completed the Model for now.  I may have to add some loops later for animation purposes but as we haven't yet decided on what were animating I have kept it as simple as I could and only detailed what would give the character a good silhouette and keeping in mind this is a side scrolling game some details would not be required.

I have managed to keep the character at 772 polys 1,544 Tris.

The hair is also apart of the model with like a Johnny Bravo style keeping it simple but I really liked the look during the design.


So next I am going to unwrap the model and texture it.  Hopefully I have learned from previous builds and get the UVW's right this time, fingers crossed.


So I have spent some time with the UV's trying to get them as best as I could using many different methods with the unwrap editor as I could to get them accurate.  This included Pelt Mapping with relax and peel mode mainly.

I did both a wire frame and solid version of the unwrap in a PNG format with alpha selected so I could easily overlay them in Photoshop.

I then started to add colour using Solid colour masks to help with any future alterations in which I can easily and quickly change the shade or colour of each part by changing the colour mask and not having to repaint the whole thing.

I have spotted a few errors in the characters hand which need to be fixed, again the problem is at UV level but after spending along time trying to sort the uv's on the hand previously I am ignoreing this for now.


So now I have painted some detail to the hair to make it less flat looking.

Next I have started adding some texture detail to the clothing

Next I have improved the shirt as the texture was going the wrong direction and added a logo.  Also added some front pockets to the jeans

Next I have decided to take a break from the diffuse for now and I have started building the HighPoly version.  This is so I can create a nice Normal map and complete map to add some extra detail to the Lowpoly.

Above shows how I started modelling the trousers and below I continue to add detail by completing the Shirt and some hair.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Low Poly Game Assets (Tree Model)

So I am starting to build some assets for a game and trying to get them done fast to use as place markers.

The game will be based on an island so the first asset I decided to create was a palm tree using some references from google images

Happy with my references I took into 3ds max and modeled the trunk using a cylinder with 12 sides.  Unwrapping this immediately and sending the uv's to Photoshop I quickly made the texture.

Once this was done I created two more textures, one being the coconuts and the other being the leaf.

These were taken into 3ds max and added to a plane to keep the poly count low but giving the tree the look of a slightly high poly

A quick render shows the effect this has with opacity layer really giving it the effect of a higher poly model.  

What next...

So next I am going to create a few different instances of the leaves so they are not identical as in the real world and maybe create some other types of palm tree.

Also I am not 100% happy with the coconuts right now


So just spent a little bit of time sourcing out more Coconuts and editing them and also edited the leaf to make a brown version

Next I took these into 3ds max and make a few variations of Palm trees.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Battlestar Galactica Viper Mark 2

So it's been a few years since I have added to this blog and for good reasons. over the past 4 years my life changed dramatically meeting my now wonderful wife and 13 months ago becoming a very content father to a beautiful girl.

With things finally settling and recently starting a new job I am getting back some free time to motivate myself and get back into modelling. The itch came back when I started my new job 3 weeks ago and the guy I work with happens to have a massive interest in game programming.

 After lots of conversations I offered to build something for him to use whilst he getting to grasp C sharp. He wanted a ship for a side scrolling 2d game and expressed his love of the viper from Battlestar Galactica. I started where I always start and that was on google images for some good reference images

I chose the Viper Mark II as my own preference as the Mark I was a little blocky and boring in my eyes and opinion. With a little bit of frustration in Photoshop I eventually split the reference into workable references for 3ds max 2017


So yea it's been a while and 3ds max has changed 'for the better' quite a lot. Icons have all changed which freaked me out at first but I soon realised all the keyboard shortcuts were the same and my muscle memory prevailed. Unfortunately My first attempt was pretty bad, I didn't really see this fact until I tried a unwrap modifier and saw how bad the UVs were

Sadly I do not have a screen print of the original unwrap but believe me it was a mess. The Godsend So the Model was salvageable. Taking out many loops that were unnecessary and moving things around helped the start of the salvage

The most helpful was the new features in the unwrap UVW modifier and with lots of patience and effort I manage to get the unwrap nice and packed out ensuring the right components were given a good amount of space.


 So this is where I am currently at. over this weekend I should hopefully get building a high poly version as I want to create a nice Normal Map for the low poly to give it that detailed crisp look but keep my poly count low currently standing at 638


As I was building the highpoly version I started thinking that maybe I should create a diffuse texture first on the lowpoly so that when I bake the normals from the highpoly to lowpoly. 

Will Continue this soon.


So to kick off the Diffuse map I quickly rendered the UVW template and edited it in Photoshop.  As a check I added some simple paint to double check the UVs and help me identify all the areas of the ship.  Straight away I found some errors in the form of overlapping so as I painted the red stripes the appeared in places I didn't want.

Well Lesson is definitely learned but as I am in a rush to move on to other projects I am simply going to ignore the errors and work around it.

Next I am going to carry on with the diffuse map adding proper textures from some photos and then finish the highpoly model for the normals map


Carried on with diffuse map and the more work I do on it the more I realise how bad the UV's are but it's a great learning curve.  

Most of the problems arrive on the far left side with lots of overlapping and stretching is occurring as I haven't given the correct size proportions to things such as the wings.  

So I could have just fixed all these problems and hidden the fact but I did want to document it for my own reminder and for anybody out there wanting to model what to avoid.  For now I am going to take a break from this project and start another but will return and update in the near future.