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Basically decided to create this blog to keep a record of all my University work neatly and tidily in one place! Currently studying at Staffordshire University (Stafford Campus) doing a Computer Games Design Degree! So this blog will mainly consist of many 3D artwork and maybe some of my programming work from previous years.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Game assets - Pirate ship placeholder

One of the levels we will be designing for The Forbidden Island will be based around Pirates and so one of the assets I have been tasked to create is a Pirate ship.

Still being new to Blender I decided a simple placeholder would suffice for now whilst I continue to learn.

Udemy Tutorials

To get a grasp on Blender, Udemy first teach you the Interface of blender and how to get around.  Eventually they start teaching you how to use primitive objects to create things and box modelling.

Below are a few examples of this.

A cube into a wedge

A cube into a periscope

The above gave the necessary skills like extrude, attach (join in blender), Weld (remove doubles in blender) and using the 3d cursor.

Next I had to take those skills learned to start creating a Mayan Pyramid.

This Tutorial added to further skills like Edge loops, and arrays.  I was then asked to go off and make some things using primitive objects and the skills learned of things around the house but to keep it simple.

So as per I went overboard.  I decided this would be a great opportunity to create some place holder game assets.

Section 4

The challenge for this section was to create a Low Poly Chess Board.

Blender and Udemy

So during this process of designing stuff for a game we decided that this game would eventually be published.  The problem with that is I am using a student version of 3ds max and looking at just a 1 year license would cost £1800.  Our budget is currently 0 pence so I needed to find a way.

Blender is free (Happy), but I have never used it and have only used 3ds max for my 3d work.  After downloading Blender and hoping my experience with 3ds max would help me navigate around did not pan out.

After trawling through YouTube I decided to pay for a course in blender on  At only £10 I have access to exactly what I need to get me up to speed with blender and not waste lots of time simply searching for tutorials, obviously I am still going to use YouTube for tutorials but this course is helping massively.

At first I figured Udemy would be a waste of time as I already knew how to model I just needed to learn Blender but as I dived further in to Blender I realised that starting from scratch was not a bad idea as it is vastly different from the Autodesk suits.