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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Udemy Tutorials

To get a grasp on Blender, Udemy first teach you the Interface of blender and how to get around.  Eventually they start teaching you how to use primitive objects to create things and box modelling.

Below are a few examples of this.

A cube into a wedge

A cube into a periscope

The above gave the necessary skills like extrude, attach (join in blender), Weld (remove doubles in blender) and using the 3d cursor.

Next I had to take those skills learned to start creating a Mayan Pyramid.

This Tutorial added to further skills like Edge loops, and arrays.  I was then asked to go off and make some things using primitive objects and the skills learned of things around the house but to keep it simple.

So as per I went overboard.  I decided this would be a great opportunity to create some place holder game assets.

Section 4

The challenge for this section was to create a Low Poly Chess Board.

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