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Basically decided to create this blog to keep a record of all my University work neatly and tidily in one place! Currently studying at Staffordshire University (Stafford Campus) doing a Computer Games Design Degree! So this blog will mainly consist of many 3D artwork and maybe some of my programming work from previous years.

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Friday, 7 April 2017

3D Printing

So at work we had a bracket missing on one of the machines and was asked to model it so they could print it on their 3d printer.

The model was fairly simple but after printing a few problems arose that i thought would be good to mention for any one else modelling for 3d printers.

Below is the final model.

Before this final version there was 2 errors one being my fault and another because the printer does something I was not aware of.

The first was when I added some loops to Chamfer some of the edges I some how reduced the size of the wing clips on the sides and never noticed the mistake before exporting.

The second and the one I wanted to share with you was when the printer prints out the model the base is squashed.
This means even though i set the entire model to 1mm thick the base ended up 0.5mm meaning it flexes a little too much.

This is some thing that definitely needs considering or checking before printing as it will cost time and money.  Too solve it i simply I made the base 2mm.