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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Oil Lamp - Game Asset

Started modelling assets for a game and needed to create a Oil lamp for our boy character to hold.  So far I have quickly modeled out a high poly lamp using splines with Lathe modifier, and some box modelling techniques.

I then quickly added some materials from the raytrace and mental ray materials in 3ds max for a quick test render

So I have spent the evening experimenting with particles and have managed to make a flame with smoke and sparks but 3ds max animation keeps freezing and the render don't seem great so I will wait until It's imported into Unity to see what its like before tweaking more.

I then added a Omni light and experimented with animating a flicker.

The render seemed a little bright and that is because I set the multiply to a crazy amount.  The next render is the same Omni with the same setting but I reanabled the sun light I created for previous renders which I hoped would drown out the glare some.

I decided the flicker was just too bright so I added 2 omni lights.  1 to keep a decent light distance so the player can see and one for the flicker at a much reduced brightness

A larger render with a longer animation

Next I have started to model the LP version of the lamp by copying the HP version and taking off Turbo smooth, deleting lots of unnecessary loops etc

So final LP Lamp is 344 polys.  time to unwrap.

Will Bake Hp to LP tonight and hopefully get some good results

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